DEAR photography

"Close to my heart are those with a courageous spirit who dare to do make a difference – both in life and in art. At odds with the mainstream, resistant to a homogeneous willingness to please, in the face of criticism and staid expectations."


Daniela_Hinrichs_byArminMorbachMany of the artists I know are real entrepreneurs with the creative output they produce. Their manner of perception, their curiosity and questioning, and their reflections are important drivers in our modern society. They risk a great deal in the process, even if they themselves might not see it that way. They are doing what they’re best at, they are doing what they are meant to do. And some of them do this exceptionally well. As a collector and art dealer, I find personal contact with artists incredibly important. DEAR Photography is, if I can put it this way, a declaration of love for photography and its artists.  

Discovering that many artists cannot earn a living from the sale of their works had a profound impact on me. Added to this, the traditional collector demographic is in the process of dissolving. Growing numbers of very good artists can no longer sell their work. It was high time for a new solution.

At DEAR Photography I showcase selected artists and their works, which are available as one-off pieces, as well as exclusive and limited editions. There is direct access to the artworks – without any covert art consultancy, artificial limiting of editions or favouritism in allocations to interested buyers as the case can be. The works offered are independent in temporal and spatial terms, meaning that DEAR Photography can reach new buyer groups and collectors around the world. 

My wish is that artists can concentrate on their artistic development and still be in a position to meet the expenses of their daily lives. For that reason, the discovery, curation and presentation of artists and their works is a key aspect of my work. Another is the promotion and fostering of artistic projects.

Perhaps you are very interested in art and haven’t yet ventured into buying photography? As a collector I would like to embolden you to acquire those pieces you like.  

Don’t let yourself become embroiled in discussions about what art is and isn’t. Buy the artwork you still love even after you’ve looked at it for the 100th time. Often it is those images that go beyond decorative beauty that you will continue to be fascinated by years from now. Take time to reflect on the image that you might not even like especially, but that you somehow cannot banish from your thoughts. In time, this can turn out to be the better choice.

Photographs are companions in life; some of them we will keep for the whole of our life. It would be wonderful if that turns out to be so for the art you acquire from DEAR Photography.